How to plan

With our expert advisory we will get you where you want to be. On the basis of some basic questions we identify the target value or Future value of your financial Goal. It is very crucial to consider inflation and taxation during such calculations.

Once we reach the Future Value of our Goal, then the second major hurdle is the savings target. While calculating a savings target we need to decide upon the targeted returns which we will chase to achieve your Goals- we take you through a ‘Risk Tolerance Test’ to identify the suitable return target based upon your volatility resistance degree. Or on a simple method we apply the thumb rule – we take the return target of lowest risk on the portfolio percentage equal to your age and take the moderate to high risk on the portfolio percentage for the remaining. Example, if your age is 45 years and we are planning a savings target for you – we will target around 10-12% returns on your 45% portfolio and will target 15-20% returns on your 55% portfolio

The third stage of our Financial Planning process consists of ‘Asset Allocation’. Broader asset allocation is done on the basis of your ‘Risk Tolerance’ . In our country, SEBI has assigned all Mutual Fund products under following four Risk Meter :

  1. Conservative products
  2. Moderate Risk Products
  3. Risky Products
  4. High Risk Products

After proper evaluation and one to one discussion with our clients, we decide the appropriate Asset Allocation in terms of Debt, Hybrid and Equity

Finally when it comes to investing, we provide you the options in carefully selected schemes of Mutual Funds in both SIP form and in lumpsum form. You can choose to start investments with us online or offline with the help of our customer services department.

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